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Portable washer and dryer : Advantages And Disadvantages

Portable washer and dryer combination units are a great option for several reasons. While moving into a small house, motor home, condominium, dormitory and apartment where floor space is valuable; a compact washer and dryer is great for space optimisation. For newlyweds and singles who have relatively small loads, a portable washing machine and dryer maximizes efficiency.

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A compact washer and dryer combo is different from a stackable washer and dryer that consists of separate washing and drying machine units stacked on each other. It is a single unit housed in one cabinet.

Portable washer and dryer – DesignPortable washer and dryer Design

Basically, there are two types of configurations for washing machines determined by the direction of loading the laundry. There are top loading and the front loading options. As the names imply, the clothes are loaded either on top of the machine, or through a front access. Most compact washer and dryer combinations use the front loading design. Front loaders use up less water in operation than top loaders. By principle, most portable washer and dryers use a condensation chamber that uses hot air to dry damp clothes. The moisture is condensed and flows out through a pipe as water.

Portable washer and dryer – Advantages

First on the list is the fact that it is completely portable. Thus, they can fit under cabinets comfortably. It can be packed up and taken around, and unpacked and set to use in minutes. Most models do not require hooking up a vent for the dryer. All you need is to connect to a power and water source in a kitchen or bathroom. It works for small loads that can be washed and dried in a single process. It is easy to use and with today’s improved technology, can compete with standard washing machines in load capacity. Some options do not need electricity for some functions, giving great outdoor utility. Conclusively, buying a portable washing machine and dryer unit combo can be more cost, space, water, energy, and time effective.

Portable washer and dryer – Disadvantages

Most disadvantages associated with portable washing machines and dryers have been solved with improved models. Usually the commonest complaint about compact washer and dryer units is that they take a longer time to dry clothes due to the condensation dryer system. Another complaint is the heat and energy inefficiency. Newer machines fitted with heat pumps are more efficient.

portable washer and dryer Advantages washer laundryCombo Washer Dryers, Portable Washers, Premium Washing Machines

The laundry will not have the feared task of fearing that usually when they are equipped with the right tools with the task. Washing machines and dryers are available in many shapes and sizes more than usual, regardless of the type of space limitations you handle, is sure to provide a wash solution to meet your needs.

Besides front loading and stacking units that are common in most homes and dwellings, clothes dryers are becoming increasingly popular because of the amount of space you save. Combo units are capable of washing and drying in the same cycle and can be an ideal solution for houses that lack space for full size units.

Portable washers are small wash units usually come on wheels, so they can be easily rolled on if needed. All you need to run it is a tap that can be easily connected to the portable washing machine with a hose. Some portable discs are extra small and can be a great asset to RVs or you can travel along camping or on the road.

With our wide selection of washing machines and dryers, portable washing machine and dryer for apartment you are sure to find a unit to meet your needs and adapt to your home.

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